Rainbow Sequence Threading Toddler Activity with Free Printable Sequence Charts

Rainbow Sequence Threading Toddler Activity

With Free Printable Sequence Charts, find the download below.

This fun and education preschool or toddler activity is a great fine motor skill builder as well as an early math activity. Set up is easy and the bright colors are great for toddlers.

Here is another addition to our Rainbow theme! A bright and colorful activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love!

What you need:

Rainbow straws
Shoelaces with aglets (those hard plastic things on the end)


Set up:

Cut the straws into similar sized pieces and put into a bowl.

Print and cut out the sequencing charts below.



 The sequencing charts:


About the Download:
115.1 kB



How to Use:

Give child the bowl of straws and the shoelace.

While you supervise encourage them to follow the pattern on the card they are currently working on.

When done with one card, move on to a new shoelace or take the straws off and start over.


Make sure to keep an eye on those little hands especially if they like to put things in their mouth.

My daughter enjoyed this activity because she was making bracelets for her Granny. She liked the idea that she was creating something fun and colorful. She gained a feeling of accomplishment as her Granny “ohh and ahh” her new jewelry.



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