DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

One thing my kids love is to play with the magnets on the fridge. They move them and arrange them or use the letter magnets to write things. It’s almost like a game. I made them these Shamrock magnets to see what they would do with them. They loved the whole idea!

This educational activity is designed to help with literacy, letter recognition, and can be used as a fine motor activity. It’s would be a great addition to any preschool or toddler curriculum.

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets


What you need:

Foam Shapes
Magnetic Tape

How to Make these Alphabet Fridge Magnets:

Cut pieces of magnetic tape and place on back of foam shape.

Write the letter with the sharpie on top of your new fridge magnets.

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

I found these foam shamrocks at the dollar tree. Some where glittery so I tried using the back. The fridge magnets didn’t stick well to the glitter. I ended up getting more and making them all the plain foam shamrocks. You could easily make these yourself with foam they sell at craft stores.

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

I used magnetic tape strips cut into small squares to make them stick to the fridge. These magnetic strips stuck really well to the foam and were easy to use. I picked them up at Walmart for under $2. They are pre-glued which makes magnet creation a breeze.

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

Activity ideas for shamrock fridge magnets:

Line up the alphabet
Find the vowels
Make capitals and lower case and have them match them up
Create patterns

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

I used a silver Sharpie to write the letters. Black or another dark color would work just as good but I has a silver one on hand.

DIY Shamrock Alphabet Fridge Magnets

I tried to make the vowels a different color but as I said the glitter backed ones didn’t stick to the magnets as well. I could have hot glued them on but I just went the easy way and got more plain ones to make more fridge magnets. You could cut your own shapes out of construction paper or foam and they would work just as well. In fact, they could be any shape to go with what ever lesson you are working on.


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