DIY Mini Light Table For Light Play

This is DIY for how to make a light up play activity area that is both inexpensive and easily stored. The light box would be great for a preschool or day care, every child could have their own light up area to play with. It would also be good for home use, you could put it in the floor with a toddler to play with. You can use pretty much any size of container which makes the idea very versatile.

I love the look of the light table but with not a whole lot of space to devote to a big light table I thought I would make a mini version that has a more versatile use while still giving the opportunity for the same fun educational play of a larger table.

Actually this table could possibly be travel friendly to take with you on vacation to entertain the toddler away from home as well.


What you need:

Lights (I purchased this 4 pack of tap LED lights from Walmart for around 4 dollars.)20150228_145236
AA Batteries  Each light needs 3 batteries
A slightly opaque container with a lid.20150228_144541
(I picked this one up at the Dollar Tree and it works great but I also have a scrapbooking case from Micheal’s that I found works even better.)

What ever materials you want to let them play with.

 I have a few examples of things we have used coming up this week but for this post we are using some crystal easter eggs that I also grabbed at the Dollar Tree.20150228_144638
That is pretty much the entire project… Easy, Inexpensive, and lots of fun. Who could ask for more?



Any box we have tried so far has worked. For some interesting affects try a box with color.


Suggestions, requests, questions, or comments?


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