Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

Do-A-Dot Rainbow Printable color matching activity

This activity is designed to help with color recognition and to learn the sequence of colors in the rainbow. It can be used in various ways by changing the materials used to fill in the white circles. Preschoolers will love the bright colors! Will work great as a St. Patrick’s Day project!

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

I recently found out that the dollar tree around here now sells the BINGO stampers. Up until now I have just had to look on in envy of all the Do a Dot activities. In celebration of my new discovery I wish to share with you my first Do a Dot printable in the currently popular theme around here… RAINBOWS!

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

How to use:

Try to encourage the child to match the stamp to the color on the rainbow.

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

I also understand that alot of people can’t either find these, don’t have all the needed colors, or don’t prefer to use them so here are some other ideas to use with this activity page!

Pom Poms

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

Circle Stickers

(My daughter’s favorite activity is sticker play… she just prefers to use the wall or furniture for her canvas.)

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils… I can keep going… oil pastels, water colors, finger paint…

Okay I will stop but you can use about anything that leaves color behind with this activity.

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable ActivitySuggestions, requests, questions, or comments?
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And now for the download!

About the Download

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Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

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