Want a fun game for the older children that will keep them busy and they can help make?

The game helps practice fine motor skills and patience as well as some added color matching practice.

Pom Pom Plop 


How to Play:

Draw a color card and this pull out a tooth pick that matches that color.

The person that drops the least pom poms wins!

What you need:

Empty cardboard tube- Toilet Paper roll works great.
Stick Pin
Colorful Tooth Picks
Small Pom Poms
Color Cards (You can use Candy Land cards or print off the set below.)

DSC_0114Step One:

This is best done by the adult…Use the stick pin to get the holes started around the tube. This takes some time but with the holes already there it makes the tooth picks so much easier to place.


Step Two:

Either the child or the adult places the tooth picks through the holes made with the pin. Place the pom poms on top of the tooth picks.


Step Three:

Take turns and play!


We used the color cards from Candy Land to play but I made a printable version in case you don’t have any available.

How to use the color cards:

Just download and print.

Glue to construction paper.

Laminate or use clear contact paper.

Cut them out.

The Color Card Download

[ddownload id=”1843″]

Untitled design

File Name: colorcards.pdf
File Size: 3.9 kB


After the first game, the tooth picks are easier to put in for another round. Let the kids make up their own rules and play again!

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