Royal or Rebel Fashion Show Party with Ever After High and Netflix

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 Are you a Royal or a Rebel?


It’s time for a fashion show party featuring our favorite Ever After High Spring Unsprung characters!

Who are your favorite characters from Netflix’s Ever After High show?

My favorites are Lizzie Hearts, Apple White, and Cerise Hood. Apparently I like the color red.

CB’s favorites are Briar Beauty and Mattie Hatter. (Okay, I kinda like Mattie Hatter too.)

Lou like Kitty Cheshire. She likes the fact that she is always causing trouble.

This weekend we were able to host the ULTIMATE of Fashion Show Parties! It was royally fun!


We had Royal Cookies, Pretzel Magic Wands, Rebel Cupcakes, and a gift bag that was enchanting.

We helped ourselves to some delightful treats as we watched Ever After High Spring Unsprung on Netflix. All the girls loved the cartoon! I love the fact that even the “bad” guys aren’t really mean. The characters display kindness, friendship, strength, and acceptance. They also show that we can build our own destiny and chart our own course in life based on the choices we make.

One of the best parts of the show is the beautiful art and fashions. That was why we chose to throw a fashion show party.


The Rebel Cupcakes were delicious! They were red cake with purple icing and topped with red candy balls.


The Royal Cookies looked just as if Apple White herself designed them.


Even the drinks were dressed to impress with ribbons and matching bows. The choice was did they go rebel or did they go royal?


We even had some special guests at the party, Briar Beauty and Ceder Wood. They showed up and tried out a cupcake!


Then they walked the runway showing of their awesome new outfits!


Then the girls each took a turn walking the runway and showing of their take on one of their favorite characters… or  for some it was just their royal attitude. We had some amazing designers put together looks I wouldn’t have even thought of with the materials we provided. We also had some little divas who just wanted to be the princess of their choice. We let them decide as that is what Ever After High is all about…. Choosing your own destiny.

Cb went Rebel… She had on her version of a Raven Queen dress with a feather boa to match.


Lou was among the princesses…. I mean queens. The smaller girls seemed to go for the pre-made recognizable princess costumes.


And that was our fantastic Fashion extravaganza! Hope you enjoyed our party post!


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