Little Red Riding Hood Educational Preschool Free Printable 17 Page Pack

Little Red Riding Hood Educational Preschool Printable 17 Page Pack

17 pages of preschool and early education printable worksheets based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

I will admit that Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale I alter quite a bit when I tell it to my toddler. In our version the wolf is after the goody basket and scares grandmother away instead of the real version which is a little bit scary for my taste. It is however one of the stories the kids absolutely love. Personally, I think it’s the red cape… You can find hundreds of different versions of the tale from cute to down right scary. It’s up to you what you feel your children are comfortable with. If you want a cute version feel free to use our alterations. The big bad wolf with a sweet tooth for that picnic basket and a jumpy granny who just doesn’t know her granddaughter is on her way to visit. When you get to the what big teeth you have, I always say, “The better to eat up all those yummy snacks.” At which point on occasion Little Red feels sorry for the hungry wolf and shares… other times she runs.

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This pack went in a little different direction. There are a couple of different worksheets in this pack that will work without the theme.

First there is a Name that part of the face worksheet that would be good any time and there is also a good food bad food worksheet with veggies and junk food on it.



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