Keeping a Kid Busy While Stuck Inside on a Snowy Day

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I know it seems like the impossible. You probably think I’m insane. While you are quite possibly correct in that assumption I’m still going to share with you some ideas to keep the kids busy while it’s cold and snowing outside….


A Tea Party is a great way to have some fun. Instead of a normal lunch, have a special tea lunch. Or if you could have a super hero meeting lunch. Everyone wears a cape.

 Coloring books and crafts are one of the best ways to occupy time. There are tons of craft ideas for easy crafts with stuff you probably already have on hand in the kid craft section… or on Pinterest. This is by far the easiest way to keep kids happy. It may take you the rest of the month clean up but at least you won’t have to hear the words I’m Bored for about 45 minutes.

Watching a movie or playing a board game is also great for those stuck inside days. We love Clue, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Scrabble… there are just so many!

Shadow Puppets! Get a lamp and turn the light out. It’s a great way to help the kids calm down. Tell them a story in shadows.


Read a book or have them read you a book.


If you have room, give them a ball. Big or little, round plastic balls are always a good idea for toddlers.


Make a collage. Give them scraps of past craft projects, glue or contact paper, and let their creativity run wild. Easy, fun, and they are using their imagination.


Let them open a pretend restaurant and you be the customer. Play different characters.


Turn on Youtube and sing along with your (probably mostly their) favorite music.


And if you need a little quiet time, start of game where you can only speak in rhymes. They will have to think about words that rhyme.

The older kids love the game and it’s funny to hear some of the things they will come up with just to get a word to rhyme.


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