The Public School to Home School Transition


In three months I will become Mrs. Mom instead of just Mom (no I am not going to make them call me that, well probably not). Those sideways glances and whispers from those who hear the news will not be anything new to us, I mean I *GASP* shockingly still nurse my two year old. I’m used to the “Oh No! Those poor children.” looks as are my poor children. It seems to most, I am determined to undermine the socially acceptable ways of child rearing for my “liberal” “tree hugging” (and my favorite) “unnatural” way of growing my own children. I just don’t see what is unnatural about breastfeeding a toddler but that is the view of the current “civilized” world in which we reside. Breast are bad unless they are on display for recreational reasons, than they are okay. I know that the choices I am making are less than common but they are made with the best interest of my children as the main priority. I do not base my decision making process on what the community I am a part of has deemed appropriate. Which is what has lead me to my latest transition from just Human chew toy to Teether Teacher.

This next school year will find us beginning a new journey together. The process will be as new to me as it will be to them but together we will survive. It has been a long difficult fight to get to this point of acceptance from at least those who matter and I can’t be more excited. The kids on the other hand are on the reluctant side because of all the negativity they have had to endure from the nay sayers. They have heard all the “reasons” why we shouldn’t home school. You know the ones that go along the lines of them being unsocialized, behind their grade, all around awkward.  It will take them some time to find their own pattern as they break free of the shackles of the strict structure that is public school. Hey, I am all for structure yet I feel when a note is sent home because a child giggled in art class or picked up the pencil they dropped on the floor, there is something extremely wrong. I thought I was raising children not robotic mindless zombies that can take tests well. I understand that they have been forced into this no tolerance strict and soul crushing way of running things by horrible incidents beyond anyone’s control. I get that it is for my children’s safety and I am all for safety but sometimes I feel it is taken to an extreme that is far from necessary. However, the uber strict and unbending structure full of mind numbing and ridiculous rules is not my only reason for choosing the home school path. I could write a book on my reasons alone.

I did not embark on this path lightly. I researched every morsel of information I could find while spending late nights neglecting my blog and scouring the internet for resources, help, ideas, and anything home school related available to my ever widening eyes. Statistics, tests, and results prove that home school works and is a viable option to anyone who wishes their children success in education. Please don’t take that the wrong way. I’m not saying that makes it the only option in any way. I am by no means down playing the difficult job of a public school teacher or saying that my children will only succeed if I home school. I have full faith that my children will succeed in life no matter which path is theirs to take. I’m their mother and it’s my job to have unfailing and unconditional faith in them. I do not believe there is one perfect solution to every family or every child. I do, however, believe this is a better solution for our family.  I respect the life of a teacher far too much to say they are not necessary because the are very much a needed part of society. Home school is not for everyone just like public school is not for everyone.

Life is funny in the directions it takes us as this was not something I would have dreamed I would ever do until I had children. Who knows if this will work for us once it’s implemented but I am going to give it the old determined to a flaw Hatfield go.

Look forward to lots of home school preparation posts as we transform our home into a learning environment.


3 thoughts on “The Public School to Home School Transition

  1. So excited for you!!! I made the transition from public to home school as a kid, and it was TOTALLY worth it, so happy my parents made that decision! I am planning on homeschooling my children from the get go.. it’s a lot of work, but I KNOW it’s worth it… good for you momma!! <3 –

  2. Wow this sounds exciting for your family!! I am so grateful that there are so many more opportunities for educating children then there used to be. We are able to find what matches the needs of our children and help provide that for them. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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