Ireland Facts Literacy Worksheets : Let’s Learn about Ireland!

Ireland Facts Literacy Worksheets : Let’s Learn about Ireland!

3 Irish Facts Literacy Worksheets for elementary aged children that work on writing skills, following directions, and reading retaining skills.

Ireland is such a beautiful place. If ever I could visit another place, I would choose to go to Ireland. With it’s beautiful lush green fields and scenery, I could get lost there and be happy. I love their rich heritage and reading about all the myths, legends, and folklore. I thought it would be fun to learn a few facts about this lovely place.


This Literacy educational pack download includes a 3 page PDF with worksheets to learn more about Ireland. 

Worksheet #1 is a reading comprehension worksheet with a passage about Ireland and then questions to follow.

Worksheet #2 is a fun color the flag worksheet. There are three hints that tell the colors to use to color Ireland’s flag. (Green, White, and Orange)

Worksheet #3 is a creative writing worksheet with two Irish proverbs. The child is instructed to write a paragraph about what they think the proverb means. There is no right or wrong answer as this is more about creative thought instead of getting it perfect.


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