DIY $6 Felt Board Project


I have been wanting to make a nice felt large felt board for a little while but was kinda intimidated by the prospect. I was picturing wood, staples, and this big heavy piece that I was going to have to figure out how to secure soundly to the wall. The project, like most, didn’t need to be as difficult as I had thought.


I was browsing Micheals which I do as often as I can get there and found these Creatology™ Basic Felt, 36″ X 36″ felt pieces for $3.99 hanging in the felt section. They had four colors but I chose basic white for this project. At this point I really didn’t have an idea of what to secure it to but I figured I would figure something out. By the way, seeing all the felt food in there made me have this craving to make felt food… Going to try that soon.

On with my story, which now finds us in a dilemma in what material would make the felt board sturdy enough to hang on the wall but not heavy… Did you know Dollar Tree sells home school supplies? Not that that has anything to do with anything but that is why I went there so in the randomness that is this post at the moment I am throwing that in there. Anyway, I found the perfect board for my felt board project sitting in the school aisle at the Dollar Tree. Doller Tree carries these foam board for school projects that are white and around a half inch thick.


Next was the question of how I was going to fix the felt to the board… Glue? Hot glue would probably work… Staples? Nope, it would puncture the foam and felt, not wanting that. Tape? Hmm… Not sure if it would be strong enough but I thought I would give it a try. Guess What? It worked great. All I did was tightly wrap the felt around the board and secure it to the back. Eventually I think I am going to go over this tape with duct tape to make sure it doesn’t unstick but right now it is holding quite well.


Now Lou has her large felt board to do educational play on like sorting these Valentine hearts and creating pictures with shapes. She can also build scenes with other shapes, use it to learn to spell her name, count, and so much more! It ended up being an easy and very inexpensive project. And although the board would not hold up to heavy play off the wall, on the wall it is quite sturdy and works great.

The total spent on the project – $5.99 plus tax. 3.99 for the felt, 1.00 for the foam board, and 1.00 for the tape. 





  1. Wow what a cute idea! My 3 year old would love this, and it actually looks simple enough that I could probably do it. Found via #bloggerBrags and pinned.

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