11 Childhood Things That Have Changed in Adulthood

11 Childhood Things That Have Changed in Adulthood

The idea for this post came from a trip with my parents as I was sitting in the back seat and staring at the back of their heads I had a memory of the same scene from my childhood. Here are ten things that I did as a child that have changed somewhat as I have aged.

1. Spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons.

Then: I would wake up Saturday morning super excited to see what I could quietly watch while the parents still slept. There was Doug, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Recess, and so many other great shows to look forward to especially the ones that came on Disney’s One Saturday Morning… I can still hear the theme song.


Now: I crawl out of bed and turn Netflix on Barney according to the demands of the child who thinks a 5 am wake up call is mandatory… no matter that she probably just went to bed at 3 am.


2. Binge eat Andy Capp’s Hot Fries with a Dr Pepper chaser.

Then: I used to eat my Andy Capp’s guilt free.


Now: I still eat my Andy Capp’s (in fact I am at this moment is time) although the Dr Pepper has changed to a nice grape flavored water, I just avoid eye contact with this particular section of the bag as to not irritate my adult tendencies to count calories. I made it smaller so I couldn’t read what it says…. Ignorance is bliss.



3. Ride in the backseat and look at the back of my parent’s heads.

Then: I would ride with my mom or dad because I couldn’t drive myself.

Now: I ride with mom or dad because I don’t want to drive myself.


The view doesn’t change all that much even with time.

4. Stay up till all hours of the night.

Then: I would stay up as late as possible for the fun of it and to see what I could get by with.

Now: I stay up all hours of the night hoping desperately for some sleep but am forced to remain awake because someone somewhere said parenting would be fun. Karma’s pay back for what I did to my mom is not funny.



5. Homework.

Then: I would sit around doing homework that I was sure I knew exactly what I was doing.

Now: I sit around banging my head into the wall staring at my children’s homework that I am sure I have no idea whatsoever what I am doing.


6. Play with dolls.

Then: I loved playing with my dolls.

Now: Dodging dolls that are being used as weapons is similar to play, right?


7. Deal with sibling rivalry.

Then: My brother and I would fight like cats and dogs.

Now: I’m the referee as my son and daughter fight like cats and dogs.

Picture Not Added for Graphic Violence…. 

8. Fill out Valentines for a classroom of children.

Then: I would meticulously fill out Valentines for my friends and classmates, attaching little candies or other items.

Now: I fill out store bought Valentines for my son who doesn’t have the time in between his Minecraft, Gmod, and crazy math homework.


9. Spend most of my day covered in something.

Then: I would usually be wearing something I ate that day.

Now: I am still wearing something I ate, but along with that there will be something the toddler ate, glitter, marker stains, flour, and some form of bodily fluid usually in the form of toddler snot.


10. Count down till Summer and school is out!

Then: The countdown would begin early January and each day would be marked of in anticipation.

Now: The countdown is accompanied by a sense of dread of the two words I will hear starting the second day of Summer, “I’m Bored.”


11. Legos.

Then: Simple LEGO sets for building houses that took about 20 minutes were about the extent of my LEGO play.

Now: LEGOS have evolved into giant castles, ships, whole villages, and more. I spent 2 hours building this today for my son, it lasted 45 seconds.


What is something from you childhood that has changed since you became an adult?

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  1. LOL omg this is hilarious and soooooo true. If only I had known what I know now, I would’ve slept and let my parents sleep from 7pm-9am

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