I Think I May Have Created A Monster…

I think I may have created a monster….


What is a monster exactly?

A cranky beast who thinks they should always get their way.

What is a toddler?

A cranky beast who thinks they should always get their way.

Now for a scientific view of why I think I created a monster.

The actual definition of Monster:


noun mon·ster \ˈmän(t)-stər\

: a strange or horrible imaginary creature

: something that is extremely or unusually large

: a powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems

Hmmm…  a powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems…

Proof that toddlers are in fact little monsters… Sort of. Let us compare.



:They are not horrible or imaginary creatures although they do create imaginary creatures and before bed time I would almost say they can be quite horrible acting. And I would also classify them as partaking in highly strange behaviors making them seem a little strange themselves.

: They are not extremely or unusually large but they can create unusually large messes in their wake.

: They are powerful people that cannot be controlled and cause many problems. Hit that nail on the head.

: They can also be cute and cuddly, that is as long as they are getting their way and no one is touching their stuff.

: They are not hideous but the contrary, they are extremely cute which allows them to get away with their monstrous behaviors. It’s a survival mechanism. They are just too cute to punish… TOO CUTE.

: They would just as soon kick you in the face as to let you are anyone else play with their toys, sit next to them, brush their hair, and NO ONE say the N.A.P. word or it is over. You might as well let them run till they pass out mid step and then you can carry them ever so easily to their bed with eye threats to everyone around to be quiet… or else.

: They can manipulate any situation to end with them being given a cookie, ice cream… and possibly a toy.

: They manufacture messes. It’s like a job to them.

: They control us with lack of sleep by keeping us up and starvation because our food always looks better than theirs… Some of the same techniques cult leaders use to control their people… Coincidence? Possibly.


Okay so maybe toddlers aren’t exactly monsters… They sure can put on a really good imitation of one at times.

They are however awfully cute… I think mine needs a cookie… and ice cream… and a trip to the store to buy a toy…


2 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Created A Monster…

  1. I feel your pain lol. They are awfully cute, and crazy!! Worth every toddler moment, but very trying at times!!!

  2. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I also created a monster but I have a feeeling Dylan would have become a monster with or without my help. aka I don’t want to take the full blame for it! LOL I love this post.

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