Your Friend “SHIP” is the Best Valentine Craft

Your Friend
Here is a special paper boat valentine craft idea that you can make easy with just a few materials. This Valentine would be fun for the kids to make and then even funner for the recipient to play with afterward. Will it float? Will it sink? It’s a Valentine gift and a science project all in one.
Education fun is always the best kind of fun!

Your Friend “SHIP” is the Best Valentine Craft

What you need:

Construction Paper
Paper Straws
The flags available for download below.
 Your Friend

How to Make a Paper Boat.

First download and print out the flags from the link below.

Then click the above links to learn how to make a paper boat if you don’t know how.

Paper straws make great masts. Just tape your straw inside the fold created on the boat.
Your Friend
Wrap your flag around your paper straw.
Your Friend
You can save this picture below or download the pdf version of the flags. Make sure if you use the image to unclick “fit to page” before printing.
This download is FULL COLOR and free to use for any daycare, church, school, personal, or home school use.
Suggestions, requests, questions, or comments?
Your Friend
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