Make This Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet with Mrs. Freshley’s Recipes

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Disclosure. I received product to facilitate this post but the opinions expressed are my own. 


This is my third post recreating Mrs. Freshley’s recipes and each one I have loved. So far all three fall in my favorite post list. The pictures, the recipes, and how easy it is to make a Pinterest ready dessert without having to be a pin pro all make Mrs. Freshley’s a great go to for party planners or just someone looking to wow their friends.

Now I am going to share with you three pinterst ready recipes that anyone can make!

Make this Valentine’s day sweeter with these tasty treats. Wow the kids or your hunny with beautiful creations that are easy and taste great!


Oatmeal Cremes Conversation Cookies

I love the look of these Oatmeal Cremes Conversation Cookies. I didn’t have the right stencils so I made my own with printer paper and cut out the letters. It worked fairly good but would have been better if I had the cutting machine working to cut them out for them.

Mrs. Freshley’s Recipe Version 

·      Mrs. Freshley’s Fudge Rounds
·      Heart and letter stencils
·      Powdered sugar
·      Sifter

1.    Place stencil on top of a Mrs. Freshley’s Fudge Round.
2.    Sift some powdered sugar over the stencil and Fudge Round.
3.    Remove the stencil, revealing the desired designed.


DSC_0211 Desktop3

Valentine’s Dreamies

CB is in love with the Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies. I had to do these pictures quickly because not only do they eat all my strawberries but she wouldn’t leave the Dreamies alone. She is a huge fan!

Mrs. Freshley’s Recipe Version 

·      8 Strawberries, hulled and halved
·      2 Tbsp. sugar
·      2 Tsp vanilla extract
·      4 Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies

1.    Combine cut strawberries, sugar and vanilla extract in medium bowl, refrigerate for 1 hour for juices to combine.
2.    Slice Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies diagonally and place in a heart shape.
3.    Top Dreamies with strawberry mixture.
4.    If desired, drizzle with chocolate syrup. Desktop DSC_0183

Chocolate Lovers Kabobs

I went a different direction with my Chocolate Lovers Kabobs. Mainly because I can’t keep fresh strawberries long enough to use them for anything. Instead of fresh chocolate covered strawberries, I use strawberry flavored heart shaped marshmallows. I still think they turned out pintastic! I love how these look and I am pretty sure this treat would be a GREAT Valentine Day surprise. I also used colorful paper straws and they worked great. You just have to use a knife to start the entry hole in the chocolate.

New folder6


Mrs. Freshley’s Recipe

Chocolate Lovers Kabobs (1)


• 8 Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Bells, halved
• 1 Package of strawberries, hulled
• 1 Package marshmallows
• 1 Package wooden skewers
• Melting chocolate


• Place one halved Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Bell on wooden skewer.
• Next place one strawberry, followed by one marshmallow.
• Repeat steps until skewer is full.
• Prepare melting chocolate according to package directions and drizzle over kabobs.

Disclosure. I received product to facilitate this post but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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