Valentine’s Day Letter Puzzle Printable Activity

This is a simple activity with a little bit of a set up. Print either on color paper or white paper (coloring activity yay!) and cut out. If you have a lamination machine it would be a good idea to laminate before cutting. Cut the hearts out and then following the lines, cut them apart. The upper case letters are on one side of the heart and the lower case letters are on the other side.
More ideas for the hearts:
You could also turn the hearts over and use the back side to create more puzzles such as:
The letters of their name
Math Problems – Put the problem on one heart and the answer on the other.
You could use a dry erase markers to keep reusing them to make more puzzles if you laminate them.
If you don’t have a laminating machine you can use clear contact paper and it will work. Just put it on front and back and your good to go.
For younger children:
Have them put the letter puzzles together.
You can have them color them before you cut them out if you print on plain paper.
For older children:
Have them put the hearts together and then put them in the correct order to spell out Valentine.
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