“Please Don’t Leave Me” – Toddler Separation Anxiety


The words I hear every morning before taking the kids to school. They come from the little mouth of my tiny sweet precious two year old daughter. “Please Don’t Leave Me!” They come as a desperate plea or a demanding command. Sweet and soft or accompanied by screams and wails. All with the same intent… To keep mommy home cuddling on the couch with that sweet precious lamb of a two year old baby girl.

Yet, mommy can’t stay home. Mommy regrettably has work to do. It’s only four hours but they feel like eternity before I am once again wrapped in tiny arms and legs receiving those special monkey like toddler hugs. Guilt can be as heavy as an elephant following me around with the echos of those words as shadows of what seems a different life. I would love to be able to stay home in that world where I could always be with them. It just isn’t in my cards.


You would think I was abandoning her in some kind of kiddie concentration camp instead of camp la Granny where there is a Granny that is all hers and waits on her hand and foot. I’m leaving her in the land where the sun is always shining… ON HER! She is princess of the castle. Granny comes to her house so she doesn’t have to even leave her own domain.

It doesn’t matter that I am leaving her to bask in the love that is a grandmother or to be spoil even more so than she already is. The cries still come every morning and I still feel my heart strings tugged and pulled to the point of wishing there was a way to be able to give in to her demands. I suppose that is why the afternoons are mostly toddler time with a good mix of big kid fun, homework, dinner, baths, and if I’m lucky some time to blog. I’m usually not lucky.

I do sometimes get some great photo opps. 🙂


3 thoughts on ““Please Don’t Leave Me” – Toddler Separation Anxiety

  1. Aww! My 16 month old is just now starting to go through this and it really is hard as a parent to hear them cry! I hope it gets easier for you both really soon Becka!

  2. Even as a stay at home mom, I get this from my 3 year old when I try to slip away! “No mommy, don’t go!” and “You hafta take me wif you, mommy!”. Yup, it pulls the heart strings every time.

  3. Dylan is doing this to me and it hurts my heart. On the one hand I know it’s not that big of a deal to leave him while I go to work (which btw, I HAVE to do), but on the other hand the big fat elephant of mommy guilt really really really has a hold on me.

    I want to stay home…though lol if i actually did. Who knows!

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