Sister Movie Camp In with Pop Secret Popcorn #popsecretforts #sponsored

 Many thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to have a movie night with my girls!


The girls decided to have a girls night in today. They planned all the typical girl slumber party stuff: finger nails, movie, pillow fight, Barbies, and of course a favorite snack. Their favorite snack just happens to be Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter POPCORN! These kids are popcorn addicts. They smell it as soon as I pop it and come running. As soon as I pour the golden popped kernels into a large bowl, little hands were snatching them out.

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CB can eat a whole bag of pop corn on her own.  That girl loves her Pop Secret! Her sister is a little mini CB and the two of them dove into the pop corn like little Pop Secret junkies that hadn’t had any in months. I sat the bowl down inside the fort and had to run for cover.

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There is just something about popcorn and a movie that just make a girl’s night in party a party!

Then there is the tent… There is nothing my kids like doing better than building a tent to hide out in. They build tents to play pretend in, they build tents to fight off imaginary armies, they build tents to sit in and talk, they build tents just to build tents. Building a fort with pillows and blankets is an awesome activity for a rainy day or night time adventure.


The first step to tent building is location. The living room is the scene of most of our tent action. Chairs make great walls. A giant blanket on top of four chairs is usually the way to go.

This time we did things a little differently, we turned CB’s bunk beds into a girly fortress of blankets and pillows. It was a cozy place for them to relax, snack, and watch a movie. CB told little Lou several stories and they just had a great time together. It was just an amazing time and both girls had a blast!


Lou was pretty much popcorn covered before the intro of the movie was finished. Although, the movie wasn’t her reason for being in the tent. She was so happy to be spending some sissy time that I’m pretty sure she didn’t even know what movie she was watching. She loves her sissy and being together. They are adorable when they are together.

Sisters forever is what they always say. 


She also loves her popcorn almost as much as I LOVE this picture. This is my favorite from the day. I love how the light catches in her eyes eluding to the mischievousness that she could be up to. Such as a sneak attack with a pillow to her unsuspecting sister. Take her sissy out so she can hoard all the popcorn for her self. I can see the wheels turning in her little mind. Oh, you can tell she has big plans.


Now I know you want to download a coupon and get your own Pop Secret Fort Family adventure planned!

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What is an activity your kids enjoy doing together?





  1. I love the “sisters forever!” AWW!! SO sweet. I love the fort pictures! Your photo skills have gotten so crazy good!!!!! What a fun night and I don’t even like popcorn but now I want to eat some. Mmmmm

  2. Great post and LOVELY pictures!! I love the bright lighting.. whenever I snap indoor pix, they always come out so dark, haha… <3 –

  3. picasa and it’s fill light feature are great to lighten up some indoor pics. 🙂

  4. Oh, how fun! A sister fort! I only have boys… and brother forts are not nearly so cute! Those pictures are fabulous, what a great way to capture such a fun memory!

  5. Bunk beds make the best fortress frames! Your girls are beautiful!