How to Thaw a Frozen Heart… No True Love Required


I seen this silicone heart tray thingy (I’m so an expert on naming stuff) in my cabinet. I had SO forgotten about it. The first thing that came to mine was Jello… Than I remembered that I am not a very good jello maker. That was about the time the boy came through the kitchen singing the frozen heart worth mining song from the Frozen movie. After my initial thank goodness we are not building snowmen, I had an idea. Frozen Hearts.


I decided to add a little red food coloring to them. I love McCormick food coloring. I happen to use it often.

I started by placing the silicone tray on a cookie sheet for stability. I then filled each heart with water.


I added TWO drops of food coloring to each heart. Probably could have just used one and been fine.


Here they are ready to be placed in the freezer.


The frozen hearts. The food coloring created an odd look in the ice. They were kinda shiny.



There are three ways I thought of using these.

1. Ice cubes in a drink.


2. Ice Painting.


3. Sensory Play. Just add to large bucket and allow child to feel the cold hearts and watch them melt. Note: Their hands will be red afterward.






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