Super Easy Valentine Gift Ideas for Toddlers

The Hand Print

It doesn’t really matter what Holiday it is, a toddler’s hand print is an acceptable gift to a grandparent or parent. Valentine’s Day is no different and in fact a better holiday than any to surprise someone with a hand made I love you toddler hand print. It’s super simple easy to make and will make any grandmother melt into a pile of grandma mush. It never fails.

Tips for getting the print without the mess:

Have ready in one hand a paint brush full of paint and in the other hand a wet one primed and ready.
Paint the paint on with a brush instead of dipping their hand.
Guide their hand to where you want and let them set it down. Have another piece of paper under the project. Once the print is made, quickly remove the craft project and wipe.



The Hand Print Masterpiece

The other piece of paper is there so that if you don’t get it wiped off fast enough, they can create another piece of art. I actually really like this one. The colors and the way the hands are all over the place. Simple toddler paintings such as this hand print master piece are great gifts as well. You can frame them for a unique wall art that is going to wow any unsuspecting grandparent. Nothing says “I love you” like the fact that you gave the toddler paint for someone.



Feet work too! 

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