The Completely Nontechnical Look Inside of a Computer

I know alot of people are scared to open up and see what is inside that big ol desktop tower but you shouldn’t be. First and foremost if you do decide to try any of this, TURN OFF AND UNPLUG your PC and don’t touch anything while you are connected to electricity. Which should go for any repairs on anything that is connected to electricity. Electrical surges and your body do NOT go together. Secondly, do any of this at your own risk because although I’m going try to make things look simple and most of these repairs are, there are always those times when something will not work and you are taking a chance of breaking your computer anytime you or anyone else messes with it’s internal components. I have had no formal training and do not know the technical names for things. Stuff is said more than once in this far from technical post.

This is the inside of my desktop computer. There are a few things to point out. That big green thing is my motherboard. Those wires are how things connect to the motherboard. Everything has a special plug. That fan that is just hanging is the fan I just removed. The white thing that is spinning is the fan I just put in. Yes it is plugged in and turned on but I had already finished and was testing it at this point.

As a note: Those add on places are if you wanted to add a new something to your computer… such as a dial up modem or a tv plug in thingy to watch cable tv on your computer… There are other things that you could add too.


That blue yellow and red wires are what plugged the fan into the mother board. I just plugged it right back into the spot I took the other one out of.


This is an old hard drive I was using as a backup. There are two wires that are used to plug in the hard drive. That red one with is a thick flat red wire. One end is plugged into the mother board and the other plugs into the disk drive. The other plug I will mention goes right there beside the red one.


This is a better shot of the SATA wire. You can see where they plug into the mother board. I have three plugged in and room for one more. One for my hard drive, one for an addition, and one for my cd/dvd drive. I have all three used for hard drives now. Need space more than the ability to watch a DVD.


This is the other plug in that is used to plug in a drive. I have two different ends that look similar but each is used for something else. You can see the flat one and the thicker one with a roll of circular holes. The flat one is the one used to plug into the disk drive.


The inside of it looks like this.


Here are two of the hard drives plugged in. You have to screw them into the case because the screw is what grounds the hard drive to the case and helps with the electrical stuff. You can see my cd/dvd drive at the top. I unplugged it all together because I didn’t need it and wanted to use the wires for my new hard drive that I added.


This is where I will add additional memory when I pick some up. Although I don’t really have the need for that just yet.


That is what my computer looks like. Most computers are similar in many ways. Some are way more advanced as mine is just a basic model. I hope you enjoyed your tour of the inside of my computer.