Crack the Code – Penguin Facts – Codebreaker Worksheet

Crack the Code – Penguin Facts – Codebreaker Worksheet

Going along with the Cold theme, I thought we could learn a little more about some of the animals from the colder regions, specifically the penguin. Penguins can be found all over the Southern Hemisphere, with one species even preferring a tropical climate. They are a flightless bird and can live 80 percent of their lives in water!

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This worksheet has a few interesting penguin facts to solve. Using the code they will find out what penguins eat, what the smallest species of penguin is called, how fast they can swim, and how many different species there are.

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Answer key:

Question 1: What do penguins eat?
Answer 1: Krill, Squid, and Fish

Question 2: What is the smallest species of penguin called?
Answer 2: Little Blue Penguin

Question 3: How fast can some penguins swim?
Answer 3: Fifteen MPH

Question 4: How many different species of penguins are there?
Answer 4: Nineteen

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