Race to The Top Free Printable Math Addition Game

Race to the Top


Today’s download is a free printable addition and graphing math game.

This game is a fun way for kids to practice their addition and graphing skills. The objective of the game is to get one of your race cars to the top before anyone else. To complete this objective, each player takes turns rolling the dice and adding the numbers on the dice together, then placing a marker or coloring the square above that number on their graph. You could also cut out the race cars on the bottom of the graph page and they could move them up a square each time as an alternative.

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Instruction Page:



You will need either stickers, crayons, stamps, or the race cars cut out to play the game.

Set Up:

Print each player a graph page.
Print, cut out, and tape the dice or use your own dice.


Each player is given a graph page.
Each player takes turns rolling the dice. During each turn the player adds the numbers on the dice. They then place a sticker, color, or otherwise mark one box above that number.First one to the top in one column wins.
Bonus Race Car coloring page included in the pdf download.

Race to the Top Race Car Math Game

The Download:


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Free for use in school classrooms, daycare classes, churches, or home schools.

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