My Attempt at Pretzel Holiday Bark – At least it tastes good.

I have been drooling over Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy’s Salted Pretzel Holiday Bark all week. Check out her site for the tutorial to deliciousness.

I decided it was time to try this chocolate pretzel thing. Although, I don’t follow directions very well as I forgot most of correct ingredients (such as already chocolate covered pretzels) it still turned out fairly good. I used red melting chocolates, some white chocolate chips and some random pretzels I found sitting in the kitchen cabinets…. that was the beginning. And it looked SO pretty at first but then I almost ruined it.

Here is my festive pretty first layer… This is what I call Holiday chaos. It resembles the mess and confusion that is going on in our lives around here at the moment. The holidays bring so many good things and shove them into a small time frame but everything together in it’s own chaotic way is what makes this time of year so good.


And sometimes things go differently as thought out and in the chaos of life you may make a mistake. That doesn’t mean it’s ruined and needs to be discarded… It just means you have to create a new plan and continue on. And sometimes those mistakes may look like pretty bad but that doesn’t mean things can’t be fixed and often those mistakes can make things end up better than the original plan.

I suppose that  is enough for this week’s  episode of Life Lessons Learned from Pretzel Bark.

The real question of the day is:

What happens when you melt a bowl of red and white stripped chocolate chips and red and green solid chocolate chips in the microwave and stir them up?


You have to add a layer of peppermint chips to cover up the icky brown color you made.

So mine turned into peppermint pretzel chocolate mess. It isn’t always about the way something looks as the way it taste and even though this resembles something found on the Candy Land road between Gloppy and Mr.Mint’s house, it actually taste very well.

I would suggest if you wish to create this… Visit Echo’s site and read the real directions.

And WHATEVER you may add or not add to your holiday recipes…


That is my public service statement of the day!

Just realized I also forgot the sea salt… I need post it notes to help me remember to breathe these days.

3 thoughts on “My Attempt at Pretzel Holiday Bark – At least it tastes good.


    Haha, Becka I adore you! Thank you for sharing my recipe and trying a version of it! The peppermint is a great and festive idea though!

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