Showcase Your Christmas Cards Creatively by using Mason Jar Rims to turn them into Ornaments

Christmas is 10 days away and I’m sure by now you have tons of Christmas cards hanging from door frames or displays and more sitting in a stack of mail awaiting display.

Why not save some room and make those cards super cute in the process?

I was thinking of hanging the cookie cutter ornaments in a garland display over our playroom entry door. I may let the kids decorate them a little with some sparkles… (if I can sneak the outlawed glitter into the house without daddy catching us. 🙂 )


I wish I had kept more of the jar lids but I could only find the one when I went to make this tutorial. I like those the best.

What you need:

Christmas Cards
Mason Jar rims
Cookie Cutters
Ribbon (not pictured)


Trace you mason jar lid around the main image of the card front.  There might even be some cards that make two or three.

You could also use the sayings inside the cards if they fit inside your rim.


Cut out your image and write on the back of it who sent it to you if you like.

Stick it into the rim. These don’t need glued in but you could for security. Add your ribbon on to the back of the image and either hang in a display or place on your tree.


For the cookie cuter ornaments. Same idea applies except you just add the ribbon to the back to complete.

A few other ideas for these. Instead of making ornaments, why not let you kids cut these out and use them to make a collage of images and give away as their own Christmas card. Glitter glue around the edges would also be very pretty.


That is all there is to it. I really do like the lid frame ones the best.


Merry Christmas!



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