Holiday Fun with Mrs. Freshley’s

Disclaimer - I recieved products mentioned here to facilitate the post but all opinions are my own.


Want a fun easy idea that you can do to wow your friends at all the holiday gatherings this year?

Mrs. Freshley’s site has some wonderful recipes that are all Pinterest worthy without the need for a Pinterest professional.

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I love this idea from Mrs. Freshley’s using their Donut Sticks and some melting chocolate. It’s really easy to do and you can find all the instructions on their page!

Photo Below is from Mrs Freshley’s website.



I went with red melting chocolate for my re create. I added some decorative chocolate chips to the tops as well as some contrasting green colored candies. I made three versions. The whole dunk, the half dunk, and the drizzle. My friends won’t know what to think…. that is if they make it past the afternoon. I do so love the donut sticks.


They go so well with some hot chocolate that I just don’t know if I will be able to leave them alone.


 Mrs. Freshley’s cakes also make for a wonderful centerpiece for the desert bar. I made this lovely arrangement with Mini Donuts, Honey Buns, and Donut Sticks.



Do You want to Build a Snowman?

I admit I have said that one too many times this month but again we are focusing on snowmen. This time with Mrs. Freshley’s Mini Donuts.

Mrs. Freshley’s version of the snowman is just adorable! Check out the tutorial on their site.

Photo Below is from Mrs Freshley’s website.


Our’s was not nearly as perfectly done but with kids things are not always going to be perfect but they are exactly how they should be.

I put bowls of all kids of different sweet things out to decorate with and set the kids loose with a pack of  Mrs. Freshley’s Mini Donuts and a bowl.

They had lots of fun decorating and creating their snowmen. Each one had their own creative ideas.


DSC_0441 DSC_0446

Here is another one where they used a mini chocolate bar for his hat.


So much fun! They didn’t really finish any one snowman because they ran out of supplies. They just kept vanishing into thin air. I didn’t realize how quickly chocolate and mini donuts could vaporize…. Odd.

Disclaimer - I recieved products mentioned here to facilitate the post but all opinions are my own.

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