The Nutcracker Preschool Free Printable Worksheet and Activity Pack – 23 Pages

The Nutcracker


Free Printable Worksheet and Activity Pack

 23 Pages


I said I was going to work on the Nutcracker next but I really didn’t think I could get the first pack done this fast. I hope you like this set. I had alot of fun making this set and played around with it a lot. I really do like the story of the Nutcracker and to watch it preformed is amazing. It’s about a little girl, her favorite new Christmas toy, and a wonderful time in dream land…. well not all of it is wonderful, there is a battle scene that involves a Rat King. For me that makes it somewhat of a nightmare.

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I’m going to work on the printer friendly version next to add to this set and give it more potential. My favorite activity so far would be the puppets. We like making our own finger puppets and putting on plays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Full Color Downloadable packetnutcracker

Free Printable Activities for Toddlers, Preschool, and Kindergarten

Included in this download are 23 pages.

1 Title Page and 22 Activity Pages.


Writing practice
Math concepts
Cutting practice
Cut out figures to make puppets


Print out and follow instructions on pages.


Nutcracker Preschool Educational Printable Pack For christmas


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