DIY Magnetic Build a Snowman Fridge Magnets

I have had this idea in my head for a little while now. I have a few that are eating away at me to get done. This is for Lou because there are two things she loves right now… Snowmen and my fridge magnets. So when you combine the two you get this cute little play time activity.


Sorry for the yellow pictures, we did this at night in the laundry room which I have commandeered as a crafting photo room for the moment. I need to get more of those nice white light bulbs. The lighting is just too yellow in there for now. 

This craft is fairly child friendly. An adult should do the hot gluing and possibly the cutting depending upon the child. You know your kids and what they can do safely.

DIY Magnetic Build a Snowman Fridge Magnets

What you need:

Felt (White, Black, and Orange)
Magnetic Tape Strips
Googly Eyes (optional)
3 circular shapes in different sizes
Hot Glue and gun


First Trace your circles onto the felt. I used three things I found handy. Each one is slightly bigger than the last.


I let the craft master do the tracing.


Then cut out your circles to create your snowman base.


Add you magnetic strips., They may be sticky but I would advise hot glueing them on as well. They didn’t stay very well with just their own stickiness.


Cut them to fit your circles.


Cut out other parts to Mr.Snowman… The eyes and nose don’t need magnetic strips. they will stick to the felt.


Add magnetic strip to the googley eyes and cut out a mouth to turn your whole fridge into a giant snowman!

DSC_0228 DSC_0233

Lou loved the magnets!

Fun for all ages and easy to do!

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