Free Printable Christmas Worksheet Pack 1 Elementary Age

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Printable Christmas Worksheet

Pack 1

Elementary Age

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These are aimed at Elementary age children. There are 4 Christmas theme worksheets that focus on nouns and adjectives included in this download.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas theme and are able to use these worksheets to grow you children’s understanding of nouns.

Terms for use:

Nouns- People, Places or things.

Adjectives- Description words.

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Write a Christmas Poem Noun Practice Worksheet


Christmas Worksheet Pack 1 Elementary Age

Included in this download are 5 pages.


Noun Practice Sheet

Find the nouns, adverbs, verbs, and adjectives in Jingle Bells.

Adjective Practice

Noun Classification (People, place, or thing)


Print out worksheets and follow instructions on page.


There are two versions below.

The Full Color version:

This download prints in full color.

The B&W Version:

This is a full black and white printer friendly version.



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