DIY Disco Ball Christmas Tree Ornament


It’s getting colder outside and harder to get out to take my pictures so I tried a new place… It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped but atleast you can see what I did. I am also still learning the new camera… Enough excuses about my poor photography. I do apologize for the poor blurry pictures.


Styrofoam balls – Found a four pack at the Dollar Tree
Thumbtacks – Also from the Dollar Tree
Ribbon – Hmmm should have called this the Dollar Tree Disco Ball because this too came from the Dollar Tree.


Step 1:

Find you a starting point. This will be your middle roll.


From this center point make a line around the ball.


Each consecutive roll you just keep adding the thumbtacks in between the previous rolls tacks.


It didn’t take long to fill the whole ball with tacks. Add your ribbon to the top of the ball. I tacked mine in but it didn’t stay. Add a little hot glue to the ribbon to get it to stay.


And you get a nice shiny reflective new ornament for your tree.

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