DIY Handprint Snowmen Family Christmas Ornament


DIY Handprint Snowmen Family Christmas Ornament

This is a super simple project that creates a wonderful keepsake ornament for the years to come.

All you need is:

Glass or Plastic Ornament
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Child’s Hand


Dip Child’s hand in white paint and let them hold the ornament. This creates 5 little snowmen. The palm of the hand creates the snow bank.

Let the paint dry before proceeding!

When the paint dries from the hand print you can decorate the snow men. Scarfs, eyes, noses, buttons, hats… or if you choose, you can decorate them to symbolize family members. I like to outline the snowmen but that step isn’t necessary… especially if you use a darker colored ornament.

You can even write the names of the snowmen above them.


2 thoughts on “DIY Handprint Snowmen Family Christmas Ornament

  1. Such a cute idea! We made a few hand print snowmen last year just on construction paper but they would be adorable on ornaments!

  2. This would be an awesome homemade gift to make for family… Thanks for sharing… it’s super cute!!

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