Recycled Boxes into Cars – Kid Craft



Materials used:

Boxes (ice-ream tubs, pop tart boxes, or other small product boxes)
Drink Lids
Hot Glue and Glue gun


Using scissors line up and poke holes near the bottom evenly across your box. There should be 4 holes in all. Try to get as near the bottom without breaking the box as possible. An ice cream carton works great because of the lip on the bottom.


Have the child stick the straws through the holes. This is what will hold your tires on and allow them to roll.


It might be a little harder to stick the straws through a solid box but it is a great hand eye coordination activity.


Cut your straws off to just around an inch from each side of the box.

Add a little hot glue inside a drink lid and place on straw end. Hold for just a moment.


Let them sit and harden on each side before moving to next side.


Then your car in finished. The kids can start painting!


We glued drink lids on to to create a fire truck.


Have fun and Craft on!

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  1. What a cute little train! I love it!

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