First Official “Photo Shoot” with the new Nikon D3200

I’m really excited about this camera…. So Here is a Wordless Wednesday Post on Thursday night… My first official “photo shoot” with the new camera. I am pretty happy… Almost happy enough to quit playing and get back to work. I said ALMOST. 🙂

smile DxSC_0078 DSC_008x6 DSC_00c88 DSC_c0065 DSC_00x53 D13SC_0057 DSC_10025

Please ignore the dirty children as I did interrupt their playing to force, I mean, ask them politely to pose for me. I got some pretty action shots to but those are for another day.

3 thoughts on “First Official “Photo Shoot” with the new Nikon D3200

  1. A new camera is so exciting! I had to ask my resident camera expert (hubby) what the Canon equivalent to your camera would be and he said it would be similar to mine. Your shots came out really well and your kids are adorable)

  2. Your shots came out great! I have the Nikon d3100 and have for almost a year and my pictures still don’t come out so great! lol! I guess I’m a slow learner!

  3. I love it! These photos are beautiful and you can really see the quality. It’s insane what a difference it makes

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