Space Race Free Printable Board Game

To go along with the Space Matching Game, I have for you a Space Race Board Game.

This game is fun for all ages.


Find something to use as game pieces. We used some plastic astronaut figures that came in our Space Cadet Subscription box but you could use buttons, change, pom poms, or anything that they can move with their hands.
Cut out and glue or tape the dice together.

How to Play:

There are two dice. One is to use for each turn to tell you how many space to move. The other is for when you land on an alien.

Roll the dice with the dots to tell you how many space to move.

Roll the dice with the text to tell you what to do when you land on an alien.

First astronaut that makes it back to the Space ship wins.

Note: Pictures taken by Christmas Tree light are not always the best…. Playing a handmade board game by Christmas Tree light with the kids, Priceless.

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