How do you define you? Strengths and Weaknesses

How do you define you? Strengths and Weaknesses

I was thinking the other day… Dangerous habit I have, I know. I was thinking about how I define myself. If you were to ask me today to tell you about myself I would start by saying either I’m my husband’s wife, my children’s mother, my parent’s daughter, my brother’s sister, or my employer’s gopher employee. I would define myself as how I relate to someone else or who am I not in relation to someone else. Who am I in relation to myself? Sometimes I don’t know if I know.

We did an exercise in school once about listing our strengths and weaknesses. It’s always been easier for me to fill up the side with weaknesses but my strength’s are a little harder to categorize. I think maybe because my brother and I were raised to be meek and not brag, the mere thought of proclaiming a strength is like a self centered scream from the rooftops.

As an adult I have come to figure out that it’s just as important to know your strengths as your weaknesses so you can utilize them. It’s okay to say your good at something. Talent is a gift.


What are some of my strengths?

I can passably draw…. No. I CAN draw. I’m not going to put down a talent GOD felt I should have.

I have patience that has yet to run out.

I have a quick mind. It never stops.

I can still bring out the ol imagination.

I’m a hard worker. I have only missed the days necessary to get the children to doctor’s visits. I’m also good at my job.

I can type… Like really fast.

I can also read super fast. A full book in two hours and before children I would sometimes read two books a day. Now I am lucky to read one a week, I mean one that doesn’t have pictures.

I can craft, sew, crochet, and just about anything with my hands.

I can teach myself to do the crafting projects I don’t know how to do. I can make up my own process.

I can take decent photos. By no means professional but I have a talent for artistic shots.

I can use Photoshop to do just about anything.

I have an unusually high pain tolerance. Comes in handy quite often in crafting, especially when I get out the glue gun.

I can almost speak in proper English. I am going to say almost because even though you can usually read it, there is times when I can get a little run onish.

How about weaknesses?

I can’t remember ANY dates or numbers. This includes birthdays, phone numbers, post deadlines….. dr appointments. But show me a pattern and I can tell you where I seen it and when.

I have a tendency to hoard but I am quickly growing out of that.

I am a SUPER picky eater.

I can’t run, sing, dance, jump rope, skip….

While I am a picky eater, 90% of the stuff I like isn’t good for me.

I have very little patience when it comes to other people’s kids acting up… this only applies when they come to my house.

I am prone to depression in the clinical sense. Sometimes it keeps me from staying caught up on my blogging obligations.

I can type… really fast and tend to say stupid stuff because I have the ability to type really fast and it comes out before I can think it through.

I get lost in what I am doing… leads to lots of burnt food if I am working on a project at dinner time.

I take TOO many pictures and am running out of room to hold them and can’t let them go.

I sometimes like my run on sentences.

I loose track of time and tend to run on my own self made schedule. The people at work don’t like it much nor does the school.

My handwriting is best read by code masters.

I let myself get in over my head because I have no forethought. Somewhere right about now I am buried under reviews to be done… BURIED.

I have no logic skills and Common sense… What’s that?

Math is a foreign language.

I’m sure the lists could both go on but I just wanted to kinda think about what my strengths and weaknesses were to start avoiding the things I am bad at and and playing up the things I am good at. According to those lists.. My left brain is pretty much defunct and I am right brain dominate. I guess I could always use the phrase.. My right brain made me do it. 🙂

Want to share some of you strengths or weaknesses?


  1. Are we related? Haha. I have a lot of these same traits good & bad.. I like to do my own thing too. Also if I’m cooking and doing a project, yeah mine is burnt too.

  2. LOL.. 🙂 It’s the creative in us. 🙂

  3. I can’t figure out simple code to change the color of my nav bar so apparently I have a huge weakness working on the backend stuff of my site.

    You are good at it.

    I also have a high heat tolerance.

    I can function and think in a huge mess. I can’t function and think in a huge mess when my son and husband aren’t able to think because of said mess.

  4. HHAAH! Your writing is read by code masters..hilarious!

    Becka, I just love your strengths and your weaknesses, and the fact you do exercises like this. You can change your mind any time you want! It’s your blog! The header is awesome!

    I’m a speed typer/reader too. Math? FORGET ABOUT IT. I think getting lost in your thoughts is a strength, even if you go too deep sometimes. It all makes you you! <3!

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