Halloween Monster Tree Top Juice Box Craft

Disclaimer: I received sample product and basic project idea from Tree Top but all opinions are my own.

Turn your empty juice boxes into works of art with this simple kid friendly craft.


Two cute monsters ready to join in your Halloween celebrations, Frankenstein and his Ghost friend.



For these crafts I used Tree Top empty 100% Apple Juice boxes. These are taller than the regular juice boxes so they worked really well for this project. Tree Top juice is really good and it’s good for you. It’s organic, no sugar added, and made from USA apples. Tree Top is the world’s largest supplier of dried apple products, supplying to over 20 of the nations top 25 food companies. That is pretty amazing. I like that it’s grower owned. You can find out where to purchase Tree Top products here.


The first step to monsterfying your juice box is to wrap it in green construction paper…. or orange, blue, purple… whatever color you want you monster’s skin to be. Glue it down.


Next cut out a strip of black construction paper and zig zag the bottom. This will be ol monster’s hair. Glue it to his head. You can probably tell that my toddler has a love of the gluing process…. I think we may have to have a glue intervention.



The last part is the easy part. Glue on the googly eyes and then draw on his face. What mood or expression will your monster wear?

 I think Mr Frankenstein needs a buddy.

His Ghost Friend


For this box, I used toilet paper instead of the suggested cloth and school glue instead of hot glue. This is just to make things a little more kid friendly.


Mr. Ghost (or possibly mummy…. ) is really simple to create and a great motor skill builder. Take the end of the tp and glue it to the top. Now wrap around and around. Add glue as they spin. The tp will soak in the glue so they can add as much as they want as for this craft the more glue the better. When finished wrapping, all they need to do is add his eyes and mouth. The mouth is just a circle of black construction paper.

20141029_171443Easy and Cute. The kids really enjoyed this project.

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Disclaimer: I received sample product and basic projects idea from Tree Top but all opinions are my own.


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  1. These are so stinkin’ cute!

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