Pumpkin Number Place Value Practice Page – Free Printable

My daughter has been learning place value in school. She is alot like me and numbers in their numeric form just don’t click sometimes. And she had some difficulty with this last year so I have been trying to think of ways to help her see the place value other than just writing it out in numbers. That is when this educational activity came to be. Although she is in the fourth grade, this activity would be useful in teaching and demonstrating¬†place value from preschool up to¬†elementary school.

Pumpkin Number Place Value Practice Page


Pom Poms or other small objects such as pennies, buttons or even candies.
Paper and pencil
Printable form located below

Just click the image below for the full page printable image. Free to use as you choose.

Pumpkin bag image is from Ribbit.com




Layout the pumpkin form. In a pile, lay out your number representations (the pom poms).



There are several ways to do this. You can place different amounts of pom poms in each box and let the child write the picture as a number. Such as there is one pom pom in the 100,000 place. This would be wrote as 124,251.


She can practice writing the numbers out in numeric form as well as word form. Then she has to read them.


This educational activity can also be used to teach rounding. If there are 5 or more pom poms in the 10 place and you want to round to the nearest hundred, take one pom from the ten and give it to the hundred than take the other poms from the 10 and 1 away. It helps to give a visual representation of the way it works for those who work more visually and not logically like my daughter and myself.

I have another activity to practice place value coming up later this week! I’m also working on a game to practice place value.

Than we get to move into multiplication practice. Yay!


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