Three Fun and Easy Halloween Party Games

Three Fun and Easy Halloween Party Games


I’m all about easy. That is why I try to think in the lines of easy when it comes to games and food for our Halloween party this year.

Let the Games Begin!


Pumpkin Ball Toss

Materials Required:

3-5 Plastic Pumpkins
Small Balls


Line your pumpkins in a roll.
Mark a spot for the kids to line up at.


Have each child take turns throwing the ball into the pumpkins. See who can make the most points.

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Pin the Nose on the Witch

Materials Required:

Large poster board
Crayons, markers, or paint


Draw a witches face on the poster board.
Cut it out and color it.
Hang it on the wall.
Cut out noses and add tape to the back of them.


Blindfold each child and spin them around a couple of times.
Give them a nose and send them to pin the nose on the witch.



2 Liter Ring Toss

Materials Required:

6-9 2 Liters
Optional Paper monster faces


Set the 2 liters up.
If you have time you can cover the 2 liters with construction paper and draw monster faces on them


Have the kids throw the rings to try to loop them on the drinks.

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  1. Oh my goodness…these look like so much fun. I miss having small kids at the house 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh! The Pumpkin game is genius!! I will have to try this with my daughters!

  3. Fantastic ideas, Becka!

  4. Those look like fun! My youngest would totally love to do something with the candy buckets like that.

  5. What an awesome idea for ring toss! Too cute!

  6. How fun! These will be perfect for our Halloween dinner party! I especially like the ring toss!

  7. Those are great game ideas! We will definitely be doing the pumpkin toss this week.

  8. Your games look like so much fun! I still enjoy playing ring toss!

  9. What a way to change up those fun traditional games. We like to play these kinds with the kids, plus we always throw in some apple bobbing.

  10. I haven’t played these before! I like these ideas.

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