Pumpkin People Halloween Kid Craft


 Pumpkin People Halloween Kid Craft


Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Felt cut outsHalloween Kid Craft Pumpkin People

Take Aways from this Halloween kid craft:

Scissors cutting skill practice.

The idea that a little glue can sometimes be better than the whole bottle dumped.

The idea that paper folded can create a new look.

Fine motor skills use in cutting and paper folding.

20141012_172419To create this halloween kid craft here are some basic instructions. 

Cut out an oval for the pumpkin base.

Trace the child’s hands and cut them out for hands.

Cut out feet (I bet you could trace their feet too and glue the leg into the top center of the heel.)

Cut out a hat or use yarn for hair or you could cut out a stem. Glue googly eyes, felt pieces, or construction paper to create face.

For arms and legs if wanted, cut strips of paper and accordion fold. Glue to back of head. Glue hand and feet to other ends.

Halloween Kid Craft Pumpkin People

Although he is a cute little guy even without the arms and legs. Some kids might not like the idea of dangly arms and legs or understand the concept of the accordion fold. Everyone is different and their pumpkin people should be what they want them to be.

Crafts are about following directions and learning how things are made but they are also about creativity. Giving them freedom to create with praise at their ideas while they are still following basic directions helps them to take more initiative in other decisions as well.

Such as, “I see what you did there when you went with one big googly eye and one small. I wouldn’t have thought of that, great idea.”


It’s good to let them do their own gluing but some kids may need a little guidance into what is too much. I always tell them a little glue makes things stick while a lot of glue makes things icky sticky. For practice sometimes we do glue polka dot art so they can see what a little dot of glue looks like and create hundreds of little dots all over the paper. Lou is still learning but for a two year old she is doing well.

Thank you for viewing and check back for more halloween kid craft projects coming soon!


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  1. Adorable! My little one would love making these and I have been wanting to start teacher her scissor use as well. Thanks for sharing!

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