The Popsicle Stick Monster Faces – Kid Craft

Monster Faces

Say Hello to my little friends….



School Glue
Googly Eyes (My newest obsession)
Popsicle Sticks
Paint Brushes


Another easy peasy craft for the kids. These were made by my 8 and 9 year olds.

Assembly. This is the part that require patience… Unrelatedly (not) this is the part my kids hate…. I had to keep telling them, “If you don’t wait for the glue to dry it won’t hold together.”

Lay your sticks out in a line. We used seven but you can use as many as you want. Then measure and cut to fit two more sticks to glue across the top and bottom of your sticks.


Then once the glue dries you can decorate. Paint them the color you want, add googly eyes, give them a mouth, arms or whatever else you want your monster to have.

Here is the not so itsy kinda ditsy spider named Clyde.

I love the expression on the ghost. It makes me think he is saying to the other two, “Hey you guys. Did you just see that? OMG!”

The pumpkin is like me, clueless. The green guy is fine except he has just overdosed on Halloween chocolate.


Let the kids be creative. Smaller kids may paint the monster 15 different colors and give them a hundred and nine eyes. A monster can be what ever they want it to be.

 I’m now going to share with you the kid’s pumpkins this year. Because well I want to.

20141010_153326 20141010_15312220141010_153355

 This is what is sitting on my porch this year. Moe the demented clown and Creeps the haunted man eating robot.

The red on Creeps is his hair, Bub wanted to make sure I let everyone know that. I still have no idea why he picked a black pumpkin and then painted it orange.

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