Going on a Bear Hunt Activity



CB brought this book home from the school book fair. To be honest we have never owned this well known book before because Bub was terrified of it in preschool. Lou loved it! So we went on our own bear hunt.

Lou Lou Logic – Bear Hunt Edition (actual conversation with a toddler)

Me – You want to go on a bear hunt?
Lou – Yes!
Me – What kind of bear we going to catch?
Lou – A big one!
Me – What are we going to do with the bear?
Lou – Drug him.
Me – What? What are you going to do with him?
Lou – Paint him yellow.
Me – Ok and then what?
Lou – Bring him home to my house.
So there you go, proof we watch too much crime drama related television….Although can you blame  her? Who wants to mess with a wide awake bear?

We went in search of this big bear that was hopefully already yellow because I just don’t think I have enough yellow paint to paint a bear.

Lou led the way! She was eager to catch her “big one”.



We did find some long tall grass to wade through.



This was the closest thing to a cave we could find… Still I wasn’t about to check for any cold wet noses inside there.

20140921_175815 20140921_175650


Nope no bears found…. Not a single one other than Mr. Blue Bear Lou lovingly carried along to protect her.

We are already planning our next Bear hunt. This time I am going to pre hide one of her stuffed bears ahead of time and we are going to go find it.


Here is a warning to all you bears out there… Lou is on the hunt and there is no hiding from this super sleuth. Trust me I know because every time I go to the bathroom, she finds me.


  1. This is so dang adorable! I can’t stand it!

  2. Where you live is so lovely! I love going on bear hunts with my kids. Not finding any is always best!

    I love the relationship your two daughters show in these pictures. So sweet.

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