Spooky Halloween Themed Sensory Box


I have been using a turkey pan for my sensory boxes…. I know kinda odd but they were easily replaced and worked well. That all changed when I found this green container at the local thrift store. I forgot to take a good full picture of the bin and it’s now night time so I searched the internet for one similar…. I actually found the exact one, it’s an Ikea Vessla Storage Crate!


this image is from the Ikea Store page, isn’t it so cute.

For one thing, it has wheels on the bottom and can be pushed around for some added fun. Another added benefit is that it is the perfect height for her to reach into. And it’s also very sturdy. I found mine at a great deal at the thrift store for $1.99.

Our first sensory collection in our new rolling sensory station is Halloween Themed. I picked several different items to include to encourage sensory play. I went to the dollar store and picked up some small spooky plastic toys to add to the station.


In our Halloween Sensory Station we have:

Halloween Plastic Toys
Test Tubes
Scented Plastic Balls
Pom Poms (Lots and Lots of soft pom poms)
Tools for play (Ice Scoop, Ice Cream Scoop, Hand pincers)
Random stuff my daughter has added to it…. (odds and ends)

testtubes toolsforsensoryplay plastichalloweentoys softpompoms scentedrubberballs

Lou loved scooping up the pom poms with the ice cream scoop.


I added lots of color because I didn’t want it to be too spooky and drab. Lou added some magnetic letters to the box too.


 My favorite thing was the test tubes. I have many plans for these things. I love the Dollar Tree (not intended as advertisement just proclaiming my love for bargain hunting odd stuff )!



What sensory activities is she partaking in while playing with this kit?

Sight – All the colors and different things to look at.

Smell – The smelly scented plastic balls.

Touch – The soft pom poms, the hard toys, the squishy balls, the smooth test tubes, and the bumpy toys.

Hear – The hand tool clapping together as the pick things up.

I’m pretty sure there was some tasting going on too because she is a toddler but none that I seen nor anything was included with that intention.

What kind of activities did she participate in?

Color sorting the items.

Counting things, everything actually, she counts EVERYTHING. I am thinking she is related to The Count off Sesame Street.

Scooping up pom poms with the ice cream scoop.

Hiding a plastic snake in her daddy’s bed. (oh wait that was me…. nvm *evil grin*)

 I think I missed a few days of Halloween activities but I got a little busy. I have a lot more holiday themed posts planned! Like I said before now till New Years is my holiday season. Fall is not my favorite season nor is Winter but I love the holidays during those months so that is usually where I focus my energies.


  1. This is so cute and resourceful! I love the ikea roller crate. I want one!!

  2. Now this is something my 3yo would enjoy and we have a similar box too!

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