Pom Pom Bat – Fine Motor Skill Building with Pom Poms

I know I have shared a few printable Halloween Educational Activities such as the P is for Pumpkin┬ábut we are also going to be doing a few holiday related activities, crafts, and art projects. I’m going to share this Fine Motor preschool activity with pom poms tonight.

All you need for this activity is paper, pencil, and a bag of pom poms.

I lucked into two big bags of black pom poms for a dollar the other day and I just couldn’t resist them. Here are a few fine motor skills that kids can do with pom poms. No glue required.



First I drew a big bat outline on a large piece of paper. The object was to fill in the outline with pom poms. The finished product didn’t look very much like a bat but the kids still really enjoyed doing it. You could give them some glue to make it more permanent.



Wee Little Lou in her Night gown (Sister’s shirt) was enthralled. You should have seen her face when I let her play with the kid’s scissors. She is a girl after my own heart.20140918_174743 20140918_174623

Bub was more than happy to try to make a Batman symbol, even though that really wasn’t what I was aiming for it does look like it.

20140918_174833 Than I thought of a few more ideas to use these poms for.

Such as Tracing their name:


Counting – I made 10 circles on the paper. We played three different games. The first was to count out so each circle has one more than the one before. The second was to count so that each circle had the same amount of poms. The third was for me to put a certain amount in the top circles and for them to match what I put. If they were different colors you could also do color sorting games.

Look at that I added math into there too! I love activities that can be used to strengthen more than one area!


I hope you enjoyed our educational activity and plan to join us as we share more activities going into my favorite holiday season. From Halloween to New Year’s I am in craft heaven!

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