Chicken Tacos – Kids in the Kitchen


Today’s easy meal is Chicken Tacos!


Chicken Taco Mix
Tortilla Shells
Cheese dip


First you need to chop up your chicken into small pieces. Then you put it in the skillet to cook.


Add the seasoning pack when the chicken is finished. I usually do the cooking part when meat is involved because of germs and splatter.


I set out all the addons in individual cups. I found these cute cups in the throw away cup aisle. I’m pretty sure they are meant to be some kind of red neck shot glass but I like them better as cheese holders and I have already thought of a few other ideas for them.


Then your little chefs can put it all together to create yummy looking and tasting creations.

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Tacos – Kids in the Kitchen

  1. I fell in love with these little cups. My girls have been having tea parties with them lol. Everything is cuter when you make it tiny I guess. 🙂

  2. They were really good! We surprised my husband because he didn’t think he would like them.

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