Tips for Beginner Jewelry Crafting From a Beginner

We picked up a new hobby this weekend and I think have finally found CB’s true craft area. She has got me beat this time, I am sure of it. She is good at most things she tries but does get frustrated when things don’t come easily for her but this time she had it before I did.

We have been making jewelry.

I’m going share with you some things I learned in the beginning process of learning to make our own jewelry.


Tip #1
The right tools are extremely important. We got this set from House of Gems. It’s a great high quality set and wasn’t expensive at all. I used those round nose pliers ALOT. They make for some beautiful swirls!



Tip #2

Find a good indepth tutorial with great pictures. I am sure there are lots but I feel in love with these from House of Gems and this is where I started.

My process on the ear rings.




Tip #3

The right materials are also very important. Find some high quality wire, beds, and findings. I got all mine from House of Gems because they have some nice stuff and they give discounts if you buy a lot at once. Plus they had zebra print beads…. The deal breaker really. I also like that these each set of these super cute beads were under 2 dollars.


Tip #4

Toddlers and beads don’t mix well. Find a nice quiet, well lit place so you can work on your masterpiece. We worked on our in the laundry room which is the only place with great lighting and room for two people to work on something away from the tiny tornado. I places a blanket over the washer and sorted on top of it to keep for losing any small beads.


Tip #5

Be creative. I followed to instructions of the tutorial for my first piece but then I used my own imagination.


Those are my jewelry making tips from a beginner’s prospective. Now I’m going to share with you all our creations from Saturday’s bead-a-thon!

This was my first I made. I made this for my friend that is in the hospital, who by the way is doing better. She is now trying to speak and is fully alert! A prayer answered! This is her favorite color so I am hoping she likes it!


I made this set for my boss. It includes a matching pendant for her granddaughter.


Bub made these for his Granny and Papaw. I still have to get him another keyring.


And now for CB’s creations.

Her bracelet


Her Necklace.


She made some other stuff for her friends at school but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures before we left for a dinner out. See what I mean when I say that I think I have found her true craft. For a first time and being nine years old, she did an excellent job!

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  1. Thanks for the post. It’s inspiring and now I want to try to make jewelery using beads.

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