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This week we will be sharing an easy lunch idea that the kids LOVED. We created our own wrap station. The kids made their own wraps anyway they wanted.


I displayed many choices for them to choose from. Bacon, Turkey, Ham, pepperoni for the meats. There were three cheeses. Salad Dressing and pizza sauce were available too.


The kids loved to make their own wraps that they didn’t even bring up the fact that none of them will eat wraps when I make them.


Kids are always more apt to eat something they have a hand in making. It’s a proved fact…. We proved it today!


I laid down a cloth under my station because I know that kids are going to make a mess. It’s better to have an area that you don’t care if they mess up than standing around worrying that they are going to get pizza sauce on your new table cloth or all over the place. Lay down something that you can just pick up and just throw in the washing machine.


I let them go a little crazy and add ranch dressing to a bacon pepperoni wrap. It was interesting to see what they really do like. Although I am fairly sure that if I make an exact replica of what they made and gave it to them I would get the ever popular upturned nose expression.

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! I am totally doing this!

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