A Day in the Life of a Blogger

An Average Day in My Blogger Life:


4 am- Wake up being assaulted by a short cannibalistic torturous tyrant also known as my sweet little princess as she tries to use one the most sensitive parts of my body as a chew toy.

4:30 am – Might as well get up, I’m wide awake. I could possibly get some blogging work done and get a head of myself. Turn on computer and click on Facebook/Google+.

5:30 am- Realize I have been reading posts for the past hour and decided to get to work just after this one post.

6:30 am- Force myself away from social media to fix breakfast. Wonder if I should take pictures of breakfast for a future blog post than realize I forgot to charge my phone and the batteries in the camera are dead again.

7:00 am – Wake children from a peaceful slumber where they look like angelic beings to watch them turn into the grumpy trolls that live under a bridge in the blink of an eye. Then I get to watch them not eat the breakfast I have just labored over. Time to get dressed.

7:30 am – Head out the door to school, work, and Granny’s day camp. Already I am ready for a nap.

8:30 am – 1:00 pm – My part time job which is my quiet time. Steadily, I input numbers in to their designated places.

1:30 pm – Pick up Princess from Granny’s Spoil’em Rotten Day Camp. Notice she is covered in ice cream and or chocolate. Spend 20 minutes trying to convince her into her car seat.

2:15 pm – Pick kids up from school. Ask them how their day was. Bub says fine. CB says……..

3:30 pm – CB is finally done telling me every detail of her day in painfully small detail. We have walked into the house and made a snack while I’m learning about who killed the moth on the playground and who has a purple marker that is just like so and so’s.

4:00 pm – Homework is done, kids are fed, Lou has been to the bathroom 10 times, and everyone is happy. I’m feeling pretty good about myself now. Blog time now? Nope. Now we go outside to enjoy the 108 degree weather and blistering sun.

5:30 pm – Back inside sweaty, miserable, and thirsty, I send them to start their baths while I start dinner. We have three bathrooms. They fight over the same one.

6:30 pm – Dinner is done and waiting for Daddy to get home. Bub is playing his games, CB is reading or watching a movie, and Lou is dancing around the living room singing, Life is pretty good at these moments. I can imagine sitting down and enjoying an episode or two of Lazy Town with my baby girl but instead I try to clean up the mountain of toys and or clothes that were sucked into the Lou Tornado moments earlier.

7:30 pm – Husband walks through door and straight to bathroom. Kids are getting cranky. They have already broke down and ate dinner and are now ready for mommy time, each one, at the same time. I just don’t know if there is enough mommy to go around sometimes. Hubby takes a bath.

8:00 pm – Getting kids ready for bed, listen to son talk about minecraft some more. Hubby is complaining dinner is cold. I want to scream, “Well if you had ate it when you got home it wouldn’t be.” but I don’t instead I try to heat it up for him. This is the time of night I’m all out of steam but I know it’s not over yet.

8:30 pm – One kid is asleep. One kid is screaming. One kid is constantly running back and forth to the kitchen for a drink. Hubby is asleep somewhere in dreamland far from the read to mes and I want a drinks of the world. I’m about to sneak out the back door but know I wouldn’t get very far.

9:45 pm – Two kids are asleep and Lazy Town is on the same episode for the second time. I find myself singing along with the songs. TV is turned off and the princess becomes the warning siren as if to say a storm is quickly approaching and I need to batten down the hatches. Whatever that means.

10:15 pm – Lou is asleep. FINALLY! Party time! Now I can eat dinner, clean up, and wash some clothes.

12:45 am – Blog time now….. Fall asleep in the middle of writing a well worded, funny, or inspiring post and accidentally hit delete button and clear it all off. Instead write a long drawn out timeline of my day and call it a day.

1:30 am – Go to bed ready to start the day all over again in about three hours.

That is my life and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I Love my Life!


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Blogger

  1. Wow! The 4:30 wakeup is rough! I bet you get a lot more done than I do, though. If I could sleep until 9:00am every day, I would.
    And I’d miss a lot..

  2. I could not survive, not one day on only 4 hours of sleep. You are a trooper. I love these day in the life posts!!

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