Pool Noodle Color Sorting Game

It’s almost time for the stores to put the pool noodles away till next summer. What are we to do with all the ones we have strolled all through the yard? Some we will use for games and races. They make wonderful start and finish lines. Some we will use to hold up signs. Some I will use to make cute little games like this one.

We made our own sorting game!


All you need are a couple of different colored pool noddles, sissors, and a couple of wooden dowels!

You can then create your own sorting game!


I cut the pool noodles ends off to create these cute little bead like shapes. This was not as easy as you would think as these things are not made to be cut. I had industrial sewing scissors and it still took some doing. Do not let the kids try this part.

20140821_160340 I also cut a slightly larger piece and then cut it down the middle to create the colored base for the dowel to go into. This works better on the round ones. The shaped one didn’t want to stand up as well. This helps guide the child into which color to put on with dowel. You can guide the child by demonstrating the activity or placing on of the colored beads on the stick. 20140821_160425

She grasped the concept extremely quick. So we decided to make other games with our pieces.


We did some sequencing and patterns. First we layed them out and then we stacked them up. It was lots of fun creating images with them as well. We made flowers and happy faces.

20140821_160516 20140821_160841


We also made puppets. Lou did this one almost on her own. She slide the pieces onto the stick on her own.

20140821_163602 20140821_162851 20140821_163100

 Then we used the various shapes and pieces to build other things like this car.


And no activity can be complete until the toddler uses the materials to see if they make cool glasses. These were passable in that department.

I think it is time for someone to get a haircut again.



We also spent a lot of time looking into the tube and thought I would share what the tube inside looked like.



  1. Great idea! I’m fully of the belief that there is almost nothing pool noodles can’t do! 😉

  2. What a great idea, we have a lot of left over pool noodles from a Star Wars party where we used them as light sabers. I like how you cut them to make different shapes and games. Love it and there’s so much you can do with this!

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