Where is My Home? by Tali Carmi Ebook Review and Free Matching Game Activity

Where is My Home?
By Tali Carmi

Where is my Home? is an ebook directed at children ages 2 – 6. It’s part of a series of books centered around a delightful character named Terry Treetop. It’s a cute educational book that is perfect for a bedtime read.

The story starts out as Terry sees a butterfly and in his attempt to catch up to the butterfly he finds himself lost. Many animals are willing to give him shelter but he soon finds out that little boys and animals have different wants and needs. Along the way he learns about different animals, where they live, and what they eat.

Lou loved the book. She is a big animal lover and had fun naming all the animals in the story. The pictures and art work in the book are really nice! I’m glad we had the chance to learn of this new author because I can see her books becoming some of our favorites.


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Where is My Home? by Tali Carmi


I created an activity that you could do with your kids after reading this book. It’s an animal home matching game. Just print, color, and cut them out. To play, the younger children can leave them face up and match the animal to it’s home but the older children can turn them face down and play it as a memory game.

This activity alone is use and you choose as long as you don’t claim but the ebook and it’s characters are property of Tali Carmi. Thank you.

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  1. Cute book! And I love that you made a game to go along with it!

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