Ballerina Silhouette with Sharpie Wall Art

Time for a creative art project!
CB and I have been wanting to create a wall hanging for a friend. So I let her choose what to make. CB chose to make this ballerina silhouette.

Sharpie Markers in color of choice
White fabric
Wash Cloth that you can throw away
Cardboard big enough to fit picture
Hot Glue Gun

First draw out the shape of your silhouette on the fabric with your sharpie. It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes just keep going.


Color your shape in completely with the sharpie. You can use different colors and they will create a tye dye effect. She chose to use just one color.


Take your wash cloth and saturate it in rubbing alcohol. Make sure you have your fabric on a safe surface as it is going to soak some of the color thru. It bleed quickly so be sure to have your cardboard or something else under before applying the alcohol.


Rub your washcloth over your picture in a side to side motion and it give the appearance of movement. If you don’t want to swirls that just rub inside the outline or be creative and rub in circles. It takes some time and the colors will bleed but it will eventually create a water color look. If you have a smaller child, you may want to help with this part.


Hot glue your fabric to your cardboard around the back edges. Stretch the fabric tight when gluing. This might be better for an adult to do for a smaller child.



Hang up for all to enjoy. You can add the child’s name to the bottom of the picture and ribbons or bows. If you make a car for a boys room you can add buttons for tires.



She probably could have rubbed the legs a little more to make the color spread but I think it’s a wonderful job just the way it is. This flash picture doesn’t do it justice as it washed out alot of the water color look it has. The more you rub the lighter your outline become and the more fluid the colors become.


  1. Pretty! I love the effect the alcohol has on the Sharpie!

  2. Wow, my little Princess/Ballerina Rebekah just saw this and wants to make it. This is fabulous!

    P.S Love the format changes to your blog, it loos awesome around here!

    P.P.S. She just told me that unless I have a pink Sharpie when she gets home from school there will be tears 🙂

  3. HOLY GUACAMOLE! THIS looks so ridiculously amazing I cant believe rubbing alcohol had such a soft effect on the sharpie! I love it- so beautiful.

  4. I didn’t think sharpie and rubbing alcohol goes hand-in-hand 🙂 NICE!

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